My Mutts

So this is a collection of my pack’s stories, events, pictures and much more. General dog advice will also be displayed, as well as some helpful ratings on dog products. I also like cook for my fur babies and will share all the yummy creations we explore as well as the not so yummy this doesn’t work but it was really funny times as well.

When I call my canines mutts, I say it in the most loving way possible!! I know some don’t care for the word while others use it as an insult. I don’t consider the word an insult and I have never nor will I ever use the word as an insult or as anything other than with affection.

That being said I love my pups, and I like to think they love me too. Each of my dogs have their own personality and weird quirks which make for a ton of laughter, the occasional mess and of course a noise level of crazy proportions.

You will also catch me talking a bit but not too much about the kitty cat species as well.

Stay tuned for more from this pack.




Pawz Dog Boots

We have gotten Pawz dog boots. I need something to keep Riddick, Zoey &Kitsumi’s feet dry and warm. Well, these will certainly keep their feet dry. They are made out of a rubbery material that reminds me of a really thick balloon. Riddick is wearing green ones, with Kitsumi in the size small, wearing black. I couldn’t get them on Zoey. She wasn’t feeling it!


The package they come in gives you information on how to put them on your dog. You might need another person to help if your dog will run from you. Riddick did good!! He let me put them on him. They are a little “saggy” by the sides of his feet. What I mean by that, is there is space but no feet or toes to fill the space. It’s not a bad thing, just weird-looking.  The dogs adjusted to having them on their feet really quick. with some feet wear for dogs, it feels weird(or so I assume) to them and they move strange and get very upset, very quick. The package says not to leave them on unsupervised, which is smart. If I left them on with our dogs, they would bite them off when my back was turned. Seems very durable, while giving the water-proof function. They are much easier to get off than they are to get on. I am not going to give this a star rating because I’m not even sure what I would rate these as. I like them, but they do have their drawbacks. For the disposable and cheap price, I think they are a great product. In some environments, they would definitely have some more effectiveness. If we took the dogs to the beach, I would try them. I am not sure how well they would work but I will definitely try when the weather is better, sometime next year. I am flippy floppy on this brand if you can’t tell.


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Every Dog Owner Should Have These Phone Numbers

I already posted the poison control number but here it is again: 1-888-426-4435
(Remember this isn’t a free line.)

  • SPAY USA is a national referral service that helps connect pet parents with free or low-cost spay and neuter services in their area. With partnerships at over 950 programs and clinics nationwide, they eliminate finances as an excuse for not spaying or neutering your pets.

The spay and neuter helpline: 1-800-248-spay

Emergency Disaster Information Line 1-800-227-4645

  • Provides support and relief information for pet owners living in areas affected by disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, fire and more. While not an official “hotline,” this number is manned by live persons able to direct pet owners in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.

Your Vet

  • I have multiple Vets on my phone. I have my personal vet. I have my foster pups vet, I have a 24-hour vet, and a close vet that I used to get my dogs prescriptions from.

Pet Travel Hotline: 1-800-545-USDA

  • If you plan on traveling by plane with your dog, a quick call to this number will ensure you are prepared for any bumps in the road where your dog is concerned. 

I didn’t come up with this is myself. Below is the owner of the list, and the website I found this information from.

Source Website


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Bark If You Want Some

Zoey, Riddick & Kitsumi LOVE their toys! They are QUALITY!!! They aren’t made cheaply. Kit is turning into an aggressive and destructive chewed! So the fact that even she hasn’t ripped her new toy to sheds is impressive. I really like them. The dogs seem to as well. They are a good size for carrying them in their mouth. A little small for Riddick’s mouth but he has an unusual size head. He has a big mouth, but I am not worried he would choke on them either. They are also incredibly cute!! I love that they have all have a similar toy(so they don’t fight) but they are different. They also have a monthly box option that would be nice for some. Finding quality toys in the budget without Kitsumi destroying them in a few seconds is getting hard, but I have to give a thumbs up to bark if you want some! They know what dogs want and they know exactly how to execute it! Very impressed. You will be too!

Aren’t they super adorable in the picture below!?!?!😝

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About Me: Our Human Pack Leader

Most people ask themselves where they want to be in a few years. I have always seen myself in one place. The actual location doesn’t matter so much as the career choice. I have always wanted to be a rescuer. Ever since I was little, I wanted to have my own rescue. I wanted to save the dogs that people gave up on! The dogs that rescuers wouldn’t take in for one reason or another! I have always loved animals and I always will. Fostering kit is the first step but I can feel my future beginning to come together.

My dream had always been to have land somewhere, with dedicated employees and foster homes for the dogs! Helping them has always been what I wanted. For Christmas I didn’t want a pony or the newest game or dolly. No, I wanted to go to the shelter and rescue a dog. My parents were great at helping me in any way they could! They really have told me I could achieve anything! But they also had restrictions too, like we didnt have room for all the dogs I wanted to save. It was sad but I understood. When we had the room, my parents didnt mind. I really hope this new found step I’m taking. Is one toward the future I always wanted!

I hope I can start climbing my way toward my dream.

What are your dreams? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 Years? Do you have set goals and dates to reach them planned, or do you just go with the flow? Our future is what we make it. What is your future?


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Cloud Star Treats

The pups were very excited to stiff their new treats. Made with bacon, cheese, and apples! They are made in America. They do have a few ingredients that I might not be for everyone. I know they are made with whole wheat flour. Some dogs can’t have wheat, but mine loved them! I liked that they were different. I haven’t seen any other treats like these. They are 30% moisture. So they are wetter than most of there other treats. They didn’t make a mess when the dogs eat them either. The treats themselves aren’t very big, maybe quarter size, not crate treat size (or at least the size that I like to use for crate treats) but they make great treats for training when you get a breakthrough or just an everyday snack. They also don’t have a strong/funny smell. That’s always a plus for my house! Some treats make my stomach turn from the smell, but not these, they don’t smell.

My pups always have to sniff proof them before I open them! Aren’t they the cutest?




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Rogz From Kong

The dogs got their Rogz from Kong package today!

One toy was a little small, but I am very excited to try the interactive ball. It has 3


different settings, easy, medium & hard. (called the tumbler) It spits food out, as the dogs play with it! I know, sounds exciting right? We LOVE it!! It was Kitsumi’s


Zoey threw the blue cowboy around as I walked by she threw it right in


to my ankle, but don’t worry, it didn’t slow her down a bit. There is also a squeaker in it! Super Cool!! Zoey’s favorite thing is a squeaker! Riddick likes the scrubz (ours is green). It looks great as he walks around with it in his mouth. It’s a perfect size for his mouth! As we just got them today, I can’t say how well they will last but they seem very sturdy.20171103_174645.jpg

I give them a 4 out of 5. If something changes like the toys aren’t as sturdy as they appear, I will update my review!

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“Kit Doesn’t Like Me”

That’s what my mom said to me when we were trying to get kitsumi out of her crate. I said, “mom the only reason she doesn’t cower and growl at me is that she sleeps with me.”
“But I feed her! All the time.” Says, mom,
She does too, but for the most part, I take care of her. I take her to the bathroom (95% of the time.), she sleeps in my bed at night, or in her crate, which is in my room. Mom feeds her people food and dry kibble as well. As do I. But I seem to spend more time with her. Whether my mother wants to say its because she sleeps in my room, or because Kit just doesn’t like her, either way, I feel like my mom should make more of an effort. I can’t tell her that, but Kitsumi and mom’s relationship show it.



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I recently decided to switch dog food. I researched for days and many hours to figure out what everything really meant and what was best for my dogs. I called a few veterinarian offices, that gladly talked to me about my needs and my dogs. I finally found one. A brand I felt I could trust as a pawrent! They are a great company who many more than one brand and Sportmix had never had a recall.

ANYWAY, SPORTMIX FEEDS HUNGRY DOGS: I was having an issue with finding their grain free gluten free whitefish and chickpea formula. So I contacted the company. I got a call from Chris Crawford! He told me I could find it online and that he didn’t have anyone who was currently selling what I wanted. (Long story short, and a different post, healthi paw in Valparaiso Indiana was willing to buy it for me from their warehouse). When I was on the phone with Mr. Crawford I told him that I was with a nonprofit and that one of my fellow foster moms feeds her dog this brand and that when I was in the edge of deciding between this brand and another, she was my final denominator in choosing this brand. I asked if since I had them on the phone, his company would be willing to donate to our nonprofit all foster based rescue. He told me when I went to pick up my bag of food, I could pick up 4 bags of chicken. AMAZING! As with most non-profits our rescue realizes on donation. Which means Mr. Crawford, thank you for helping us not only do what we love (help animals) but thank you for feeding our dogs. Hungry mouths and growling bellies are very appreciative. (Not that we don’t feed our dogs. Because we DO! But every dollar we save on something like food, allows us to save another dog in need. When we don’t have the money for dogs who need it most it sucks and we take it personally.) Sure 4 bags might not seem like a lot to some people but every bit counts, no matter how big or small.




Not only do I love Sportmix the brand and their ingredients ( or maybe I should be more specific and say what ingredients they don’t have in their dog food). I love the company, their understanding, and their dedication.



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Brown & Black Curse

When we were at the veterinarian’s office with Willow the nice male vet told us that most of the black & brown dogs die from cancer. Why? He doesn’t know. I don’t think anyone does. It’s sad. We can see our dogs dying and can help them. It hurts and we cry. We think they had a good life. Some were taken too soon. Although in my opinion, I think every dog is taken too soon.

The vet said we could take Willows leg. She would get her leg amputated and have to become a tripod. Okay. That’s not so bad, how much more time will that give us? Will amputation take her cancer away? Her cancer mass is on her shoulder. I messed up. I got my hopes up.

…No he tells us…

No what? No, no matter which route, she only has 6 months…

So if we decide that amputation is the route you want, I would have a biopsy done first. We would drill some of her bone off and make sure that it’s really, what it is, he explains.

So Willow would be in pain from the biopsy, then have pain from surgery. Have to overcome losing a leg. Re-learn how to walk with only 3 legs and it still wouldn’t give her any more time…why? Why would we choose more pain for her?

She limps, but she isn’t in pain right now. Making her comfortable is what is important. Giving her the quality of life she deserves for remaining time she has.

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Willow Has Cancer

This is willow the Doberman. She is the third baby I dog sit.

She looks young here but she in now a senior. She is about 10 years old.

She has always held a special place in everyone’s heart and always will! The vet gave Willow 6 months. She limps, but she isn’t in any pain thanks to medication.

Update: Willow had to be put down not long after I posted this. She was in pain, as the medication stopped working. She didn’t want to eat. She lost a lot of her muscle mass as well. We had a short journey from diagnosis to the end. When we took her to vet she could stand on her own. I picked her up and her dad said: “Why don’t you try to put her down and see if she has to go potty?” I set my big girl down and she limped a step then started to squat and go pee. Her front legs collapsed before she could finish. We didn’t talk much on the 10-minute car ride to the vet.



We were asked if we could try to weigh her when we were called back from the waiting room.

Me: “I don’t think so.”
Vet Tech: ” Wanna at least try?”
Laurie(Willow’s Mama): “No, I don’t think we’re going home.”
Vet Tech: “… Okay.”
Then said Vet Tech put is in a room. The Tech wasn’t rude, but the short conversation stuck with me.