My Mutts

So this is a collection of my pack’s stories, events, pictures and much more. General dog advice will also be displayed, as well as some helpful ratings on dog products. I also like cook for my fur babies and will share all the yummy creations we explore as well as the not so yummy this doesn’t work but it was really funny times as well.

When I call my canines mutts, I say it in the most loving way possible!! I know some don’t care for the word while others use it as an insult. I don’t consider the word an insult and I have never nor will I ever use the word as an insult or as anything other than with affection.

That being said I love my pups, and I like to think they love me too. Each of my dogs have their own personality and weird quirks which make for a ton of laughter, the occasional mess and of course a noise level of crazy proportions.

You will also catch me talking a bit but not too much about the kitty cat species as well.

Stay tuned for more from this pack.



Shiba Inu Breed

Kitsumi is a mix of Shiba Inu, and something else. I am not sure what, that’s not important. So Kit does have some of the personality that a Shiba Inu tend to have.

Shiba Inu is a small dog breed originating from Japan. It is actually their smallest breed. The breed was brought to america as recently as 60 years ago. So they haven’t been state side for a very long time, like some of the other imported breeds we now have.
The Shiba Inu have a very distinct coloring and build. Their colors vary of red, red sesame, or black and tan, each color would have their white markings.

Their personality traits are alert, active and attentive. This is very much Kit in every way. She is alert to any noise, she ping pong’s from couch to couch in our living room, and can keep going for hours, she probably wouldn’t stop if I didn’t make her calm down for a few. She also follows me everywhere. She has tripped me a few times because she is trying to stay by my side, and she will wake from a dead sleep to get up and follow me to where ever I am.

Energy level for a Pure breed is listed as active, and again totally Kitsumi! You are advised that your pup will need lots of exercise and daily walks, even though they are on the small side, I can definitely vouch for that.

Good with children: Pure breeds are supposed to be but I don’t have kids and haven’t tested Kit yet, so I can say more on this.

Good with dogs: with supervision is what they say as a breed standard but I think this goes with every breed. It’s all about your dog, and whether they like the other dog or not. Just like with people not everyone is going to be friendly and not every one is going to like each other. And not every dog is a bully.

Shedding is listed as seasonal, I can say that Kitsumi doesn’t shed a whole lot, she has fur about an inch long, with her face being softer and shorter. I don’t think you would need to worry about this too much, Kit doesn’t have hair falling out, really at all, but maybe as winter approaches faster and faster, her coat will change and she might a little. We will see. Grooming is also listed as occasional, and I think what I said a few sentences ago, covers that.

Trainability is listed as independent. Okay so what does that mean? I’m not sure but I do know that Kit doesn’t like to sit when asked when I train the other dogs. She tries to jump on me, take the treat out of my hand, and so on. I can’t be sure if that’s because of her previous owners or breed. When she finally does sit (We have sat a total of 4 times in almost a month if that says anything.) she lowers her head. I immediately give her a treat and praise as well as a good jackpot. I have to believe the more I work with her that this is starting to be her previous owners, but I could be wrong.

They are a small dog, breed standard is 14–17 inches for males and 13–16 inches for females, with males weighting 24 max, and 20 max for females. So they don’t get very big. Kitsumi is a mix so she is a little heavier at 45 after her spay, but she isn’t much taller than the higher side of the male breed standard.

Life expectancy, as with smaller dogs is 12–15 years.

Bark Level is listed at quiet, kit isn’t quiet, but she isn’t a pure breed either. Maybe the pure breeds have less tendency to bark than if they are a mix, but kit doesn’t know when to stop with her voice. She also isn’t very into her quiet training, but that’s okay, we will keep working, and trying different things and approaches.

In Japan the breed was originally bred to hunt by sight and sent, in the dense forest of japanese mountains. They are said to be agile and alert, making them great watch dogs as well as companions.

Its said that the Shiba Inu is weary of strangers but loyal and affectionate to those who gain their trust. I can say on this topic, that yes this is true!! Kit has never growled at me, EVER!! But I have seen and heard her growl at people, including my mom, who feeds and plays with her. You need to have a very stong bond with her, she needs trust and care, not just an owner who provides a roof, warmth at night and food. Kit needs A LOT MORE!! She needs me to tell her when Zoey has had enough, when there needs to be a break in their games, she needs me to set guidelines and boundaries.

It is said alone time for them is fine. With Kit, no. She needs to be out of her crate more than in. She isn’t in her crate very often now. She goes in when we have to leave the house, but that isn’t forever. There is almost always someone at home. I would disagree whole-hearted till my face turned blue on this.

Fun Facts:
1992 was the year that the Shiba Inu breed was recognised by the AKC.

According to the AKC they are the 44th most popular dog.

There were only 3 remaining blood lines left after WWII when the breed almost became extinct.

They are considered the oldest breed in Japan. They are also the #1 dog companion in Japan.

While they are still used as hunting dogs, back when they were bigger, many upon many of years ago, they were used to hunt large game. In modern time they are used to hunt smaller critters.

Source Website

Reason For My Blog: The Not So Secret Life Of The American Foster Mum

I’m a new foster mom(temp mummy)for Kitsumi. I am also a permanent fur mummy for 2 babies. I need a place to rant rave and just generally let it all out. I might be offensive, I might be mean, or just rude. This is my place to vent, primarily about fostering, but also about life itself. If I offend you, that is not my intention. If you don’t like me or what I post, that’s okay, you don’t have to. All I ask is if you stumble on my blog that you be respectful.

This is Kitsumi! She is 1 years old and a Shiba Inu mix! She is my foster pup!!

This is Zoey and Riddick. She is a lab mix while Riddick is a Cane Corso. Riddick is a runt which is why he’s on the smaller side. Zoey is 2 years old and the old man is pushing 10 (not that you can tell if you seen him keeping up with the rest.

20170914_155625_HDR.jpg (Left: Zoey  Right: Riddick)

The newest addition to our pack is odhin

.20171216_160254.jpg Odin is very much the puppy, which of course if a lot of fun for the two girls. They love to wrestle with him and he loves it just as much. Riddick is ever the alpha, watching them play and only interferning when necessary if someone is getting too rough, yelps, or needs to be checked back into place.

UPDATE: As of 1/13/18 Kitsumi started her trial period for her forever home. It broke my heart to let her go but she is doing great so far, they are an older couple about 60 years old and they have a disabled son who lives with them. The son uses a walker to get around and from what I have been told she is getting along good for not being the friendliest around strangers. The couple also has a daughter who has a dog that comes over to play with Kitsumi. So far so good.


Day 6 Of Foster Kitsumi

The second time I put kit in her crate….she had to go to the vet…she cut her quick in her paw.

…how did she do this? There are no sharp edges on/in the crate.

….I feel horrible

….bad mom

Although she loves the bone we went out to get her(which is why she went on her crate to begin with.)


She will be okay though..bandage comes off tomorrow, then it’s just a cut to keep clean. And pain meds cuz it as to hurt.


Getting her to keep the come on tonight will prove to be interesting

Above is her cone of shame…so she doesn’t lick or bite her foot wound.

First Time Foster

Me and mum (yes I still live at home.) Decided to save a dog from death row. We got her Saturday night (10/7) at about 6 p.m.

The rescue group that we are fostering through asked what supplies I would need, that they would provide everything we needed.(crate, baby gate, food, toys, blankets,ect.)

I said I would need a crate if they wanted me to use one with her(they did). I will need a baby gate.

….Kit came with a crate( not a great one, and the new bottom pan didn’t fit, so we couldnt use it), she came with food, a harness, a slip lead…

I had to buy a 40 dollar gate…and borrow a crate(I don’t crate my own dogs)… That’s okay, they said they would get me a crate(one that worked) and a baby gate…frustrating but it’s all volunteer run so I’ll give them a break.

I know this might sound rude, and uncaring but that’s not how I mean to come off. It’s a bit annoying but saving her life is worth a bit of hair pulling (okay, so lets be honest here, it’s worth a whole lot more than that.) .


This is Kitsumi the first night, she was terriffied. I learned that night that she shakes when she is nervous or scared. I’m not talking about a little shake here or there either, I mean she could take the leaves in tree on a windy day a run for their money.